Monday, November 16, 2009

my thoughts on what transpired

First of Big kudos to Hamilton for the come back against B.C. I was hoping you would of pulled it off the upset that was. I was cheering for Yorkton ,Sask native Jordan Matechuk. I went to school with him, as well cheering former Rider Yannick Carter. THough sadly it was not meant to be. COngrats B.C. GOod luck against Montreal. I think B.C. will get spanked there and my buddy Anwar Stewart will hit Casey Printers around a few times. And my good friend Damon Duval will kick like 6 field goals. I am a little bias when I have friends playing lol.

Something I never realized was that Casey Printers was an answered prayer. Wally Buono or how ever you spell his last name. He was praying for what to do at quarterback and the Big Guy told him to get Casey Printers. Apperently earlier in the year Wally Said no to Casey Printers, and he disrupted the locker room bla bla. But he changed his tune when God told him else wise. Way to listen to God Wally. GOod to see some men of faith listening to what the Big Guy says. I know I have trouble listening to him. Sadly Wally, I believe you will need alot more help then the big guy against Montreal because you had a few procedures against Hamilton imagine the noise in Olympic Stadium. But if you prove me wrong Kudos to you and I guess I am wrong. Would not be the first time, nor will it be the Last.

Calgary vs Edmonton

This one transpired the way I thought it would, but I still had some faith for Scott Gordon, and Mo LLoyd who play with Edmonchuck. Ricky Ray almost hit Fred Stamps on a few big plays that I am sure would of made a huge difference in the outcome. It looks like Rob Lazeo centre for the Stamps may be hurt and not play against the Riders next SUnday in the West Final. That is the rumour. I think, but am not 100 percent sure it could be a smoke screen. I know teams like to play that once in a while.Regardless of who is qb. You still have to do your best and beat their guys on the field. I think the Riders will. And go to the grey cup. I am a bit bias,dillusional what ever you want to call it. Thats a bit about what I thought about the games. I will try to upload an interview with John Lynch later tonight. I work at the station so that may not happen. Till next time. Nagy out!

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