Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hurricane Warning

A hurricane came through the phone lines. Some one whom I really enjoy listening to , and talking to is Steve Huber.He is known as Hurricane Huber. Great guy so enjoy the interview it was cut short because we only had 5 minutes to chat. Thanks again Steve. I look forward to having him on again

Newsworthy Interview with Don Hewitt

Had the honor to talk with ctv regina's Don Hewitt enjoy!


Here he is all the way from Parkbeg (or Yorkton in this case) the Cfl's number one mascot Gainer the Gopher. More interviews on the way:)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Interview Delayed

I tried to get a hold of Mr.Trevena, but he was not home. This interview as soon as i get it will be put up. In the mean time, I am working on getting Dave Ridgway to come on the show. Will let you know how that shapes up. I am off today from the radio station then i go back on tuesday. So i will be making some calls to get some people on the show for the near future. till then take care cheers A.N.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and yours. I hope its the best holiday season ever.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve

Hard to believe its the 24th already. I probably will do some do upates during the holiday season. Just because I will be bored. Mom, Dad, my brother Brett and Auntie are here for the holiday season. It is going to be awesome. I just want to take this oppurtunty to wish you a very joyeus time of the year. And thank you for checking out my blog. I am assuming there are a few people here. Thank you for looking back. I hope to bring some great interviews for you, and hope you and I can see another grey cup championship for the green and white soon. Peace A.N

Monday, December 22, 2008

Craig Adam

Another Interview here on http://www.ridersradio.blogspot.com/, The next Interview I plan on recording for you guys is not until Saturday night. I am planning to Interview one of my friends who is a teacher in Yorkton. Mr.Trevena, your probably thinking whoopee a teacher. But Mr.Trevena is a great guy, and he infact has a rider connection. It is that he was Gainer the Gopher for 20 years. He started in 1978 and continued to 1998.He even got a grey cup ring from the win in 1989.I remember seeing it at school when he told the stories. So this should be an awesome interview to find out what Gainer the Gopher did before a game with routines, and so forth and so on. I am kinda looking forward to this one. So I will up load messages on here let yyou know whats going on through out the night. Take care Cheers A.N

Craig Adam

I interviewed Craig Adam, the interview is done. I will upload it later tonight. I had to get home to tend to some issues. Will up load it later, peace A.N

This Evening

I plan to interview Craig Adam. He used to work with global in regina, and was a correspondant for CTV Sportsnet. So that will be my update for the 22nd of December. Cheers thanks for reading

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Big Norm

Here is Big Norm Peel. Great Rider fan, and fun guy to be around . Sorry about the volume issues. Who will be our next guest, you tell me who you want.


I made that mistake on the interview with Ken Newans me counting down. Gee, paying close attention i missed the error lol. well it lets me know i am human :D enjoy cheers aaron

Ken Newans Interview

As promised here is the interview with hall of fame broadcaster Ken Newans.

Ken Newans

Hall of Fame broadcaster Ken Newans and I had a chance to have a little bit of chin wag. We talked CFL football. Ken helped with Cfl broadcasts back in the day when CTV had exclusive rights to the CFL. He was with them from 1963 to 1973 where he was based out of Regina. Ken then when to Calgary where he worked until 1985. He know is retired and still helps with the Calgary Dinos. This was a long interview,and it seemed like I knew the man for ever. One of the nicest people I have interviewed and very knowledgeable. I cannot wait to have him on again some time. When I go to Calgary definetly would love to meet up with him and just talk football. I will upload the Interview today. I also talked to Norm Peel, better known as Big Norm. That will be put up a little later. And possibly interview Craig Adam, former global reporter and ctv sports net correspondant. Will let you know more later Peace A.N

Finally Joe Womack

Finally have a chance to put up the Joe Womack interview for you. We talk everything in this interview. I hope you enjoy it. Next interview I have planned is huge rider fan Norm. He is known in rider fan circles as BigNorm. One of the nicest guys I know and he wears a good jersey number as well, number 36 one of my favorite Riders, Besides Don Narcisse of course. This picture was again stolen from our friends at www.riderville.com Enjoy the interviews. A.N

Friday, December 19, 2008

Joe Womack Interview

The interview from Joe Womack is recorded, but the picture from Riderville was a horrible picture in his opinion so he will be emailing me a picture to put up. So as soon as i get that we will have the interview up.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Interview with me

Lisa B. did an interview with me on Bleacher Report about my love for the Riders and a bit of my background. Please check it out at http://bleacherreport.com/articles/93195-cfl-interview-with-the-saskatchewan-roughriders-biggest-fan.

Chris Hodges Interview

I had the oppurtunity to talk with Chris Hodges of Ctv Sports in Regina. Great Interview. I stole the pic from the www.mysask.com portion of www.ctv.ca . Listen in as we talk a bit about everything. You will even learn a little bit more about Chris. Thanks for continued your continued support. Feel free to email me and let me know what you think of this site and tell me what you would like to have on it. riderfan_82@yahoo.com

Maurice Lloyd

Interviewed my friend Maurice LLoyd to talk some football. Stadium talk, Richie hall, and free agency. Take what you want from the interview. I stole the pic from www.riderville.com

Interview with RIder legend Don Narcisse

I had the oppurtunity to talk with Don Narcisse. This is an interview I will always Cherish, he bought me tickets for my first ever game in Regina back in the early 90's. We talk to him about everything, his time in Regina, the streak, should there be a stadium and even some memories of Jason Clermont, and much more. Enjoy the interview, two more yet to come tonight. Enjoy A.N

Two or Three new interviews to be uploaded tonight

If all goes according to plan I will have three interviews up tonight. The First will be Chris Hodges of CTV in Regina, followed by Maurice Lloyd of the Roughriders and Roughrider great Don Narcisse. That was the mystery guest hope you enjoy the show. Till I upload it cheers A.N

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rob Vanstone Interview

I had the privalage of interviewing a friend of mine Rob Vanstone of the Leaderpost in Regina. It was great having him on the show. We talked everything from a new stadium to the latest news on Richie Hall going to Edmonton as a head coach.Enjoy It! Tommorow will be a couple more great interviews if all goes according to plan. Photo of Rob was taken for the leaderpost web site.Peace A.N

Joe Womack interviewed Delayed

Due to unforseen circumstances Joe Womack, will not be joining us tonight. We will still have Rob Vanstone on. I will be interviewing him at 10:30 so i am not sure what time it will be uploaded at.

Bert from Riderprider.com interview done

I had a nice talk with Bert from http://www.Riderprider.com. We talked a bit about Richie Hall going to Edmonton, some free agents a little about the possibility of a stadium as well as free agents. And of course we talked about his website. I really enjoyed the trivia portion of his site. I passed the test with a 60 percent, gee talk about memories of high school. I just passed my classes very close is all i can say. Hope you enjoy this interview with Bert. Next interview will be up in a bit with Mr. Joe Womack, he has been been on my radio show a few times but nice to have him on the web site. Yay!! then later tonight it will be Rob Vanstone but that will not be till around ten thirty local time is when the interview is scheduled to take place. Till then cheers.A.N


Tonight as you know we are having Rob Vanstone on. His interview will not be up till late tonight. He has obligications at work so our interview is delayed a bit. We will be still talking to Joe Womack and will also interview Bert Bartake. He has an awesome rider site. http://www.riderprider.com tune in it will be awesome. cheers A.N

It looks like it happened

Rumblings through the CFL circut seem to have Richie Hall the new coach of the Edmonton Eskimos. Will that lure potential free agent defenders from the Riders over there? Only time will tell. The press conference of the naming of the coach will be at 1:30 local time. Here is an article stolen from the Leaderpost.

EDMONTON - Richie Hall is expected to be named the head coach of the Edmonton Eskimos this afternoon.
Hall, was on a short list along with Greg Marshall, Mike Benevides and current Eskimos assistant Noel Thorpe.
Hall comes over from the Saskatchewan Roughriders, where he has spent the last 15 seasons as a coach within the organization. The last eight were as defensive co-ordinator. The team won the Grey Cup two seasons ago, thanks to his stingy defence.
The 48-year-old was born in San Antonio, Texas. He would become the Eskimos’ 23rd head man, and the team's first black head coach.
Hall is known as a quiet, community-minded individual, working with many charities, including his annual charity golf tournament, known as the Richie Hall Red Cross Golf Classic in Yorkton, Sask.

Good Morning.

Another beautiful day. Not cold as heck out there. So some intresting news apperently Richie Hall is in the final four for both both coaching jobs. That would be a huge loss to lose him. I wish all the best for Richie. But I am sure you would all agree it would be awesome to keep him in Regina. Do you think he will be gone? I dunno I guess we will see. On the other hand today is Wednesday and that means Interview day. I will have them up by 9pm. I will phone Rob around 6:30 or so at work. And the scheduled time for Joe Womack is around 7:30. Then the fun starts up loading the stuff here. So till then. Cheers A.N

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two More Interviews confirmed

Tommorow evening, we will have an interview with Rob Vanstone of the Regina Leaderpost as previously mentioned. The next Interview with my friend in the Rider organization Mr.Joe Womack. So besure you check back then. Also send this site to your friends, family, and fellow Rider fans. I wanna see If I can get a few hits. Thanks cheers A.N

Show will be uploaded tommorow.

Tommorow I will have a sit down and chin wag session with my friend Rob Vanstone of the Leader Post in Regina. We will talk Rider football. We also will talk a bit about Rob and learn a bit about him. So It should be a great interview. The interview should be up some time tommorow night say around 9 pm is when i would like to have it up by. But who knows. If you have any suggestions of who we should try to interview let me know. Talk to you all later!

Monday, December 15, 2008


I just talked with Chris Hodges, and he is confirmed. The other legendary Rider will be recorded on Thursday night and will be uploaded that night. Any guesses to who it is? I am so giddy that he is willing to come on. Well talk to you later.

New Interviews For this week.

I have scheduled a couple more interviews for the site. We have the possibility of having Chris Hodges of CTV sports in Regina. The other guest is a suprize. He told me he was intrested so we have to firm up details. All I can say its an interview that will be huge for the site. I will keep you posted if when it firms up. Thanks

Sunday, December 14, 2008

John Lynch on show enjoy!

Hall of Famer broadcaster and good friend of mine John Lynch joins us to talk some rider football. We talk about the signing of Jason Clermont and the possibility of a new stadium as well as some free agent stuff. Join us here for regular interviews with the people who know rider football. THe photo used in the video of John was taken from the Voice of the Riders web site by Rod Pedersen www.rodpedersen.com we hope to have him on the show some time soon to talk football and his book. The bald guy next to Lynch is Murrary McCormick nice guy and great sports writer for the leaderpost. Enjoy Cheers A.N

Here is the interview with Terry Mcevoy do not forget to buy his book. Its is the perfect book for the rider fan on your list. We will have interviews every so often on the site. I will try to bring some friends, players, staff etc so Enjoy. Till next time.cheers AN

Terry Mcevoy on the show

Rider Pride on the American Side author Terry Mcevoy better known as Minnesota Gopher joined me to talk a little bit about the cfl,its fans,as well as his book and a little bit about a new stadium and Ron Lancaster. If you are intrested in buying Terry's book you can through his web site. Http://www.northernroadpress.com

Clermont a Rider

Nice to see Jason Clermont coming home. Shortly after being released by the B.C. Lions the Saskatchewan Roughriders pounced on the oppurtunity to sign the local boy to a two year deal with an option for the third year. Sticking with the clubs policy terms were not released. Joining me to talk about the signing and a little bit more about the possibility of a new stadium will be my close friend and Rider fanatic John Lynch. Stay tuned for the interview.
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