Monday, November 30, 2009

Amazing Game Sad Result!!

This game will go down as one of the most amazing grey cups in recent memory. I am impressed that the Riders played as well as they did. Thank you Riders. I am upset of the penalty but hey it happens. It was a great game close and if any one told us at the beginning of the year we would lose the grey cup by one point. We would of called them full of crap. This game you knew it was a matter of time before the Als would get pumped and come back. I am proud of the boys this year. I must say the next few years look bright in Riderville. Hold your head high! we have nothing to be upset with. I will try to have John Lynch on Tuesday to talk about the game. Talk to you later Aaron

Friday, November 27, 2009

Sheldon Un-available

I tried to call Sheldon at home and on his cell. He was unavailable so instead will put an interview up with JOhn Lynch and my friend a former CKRM radio broadcaster by the name of Marc Stevenson. Should be up tommorow by noon :D

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NEw Guest COnfrimed

I just got off the phone with Sheldon Napastuk. We will have him on again more then likely tommorow evening. We will disect the big game. It should be good. I will try calling Lynch tonight to see if he can join us so we have a three way conversation. SHould be some fun. I also Talked to Don Narcisse. He said he would be intrested in coming on again should be alot of fun :D

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grey Cup bound!

I am still excited about this. I want to go to the game so bad!! Anyone want to put a brother up? and get him a ticket? lol, i could get down there lol :D Anywho, Riders are nine point under dogs, that seems to be just fine with them. I personally think we may upset the riders. We can hope. I will send a message letter when i am done errands.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I must say I am suprized. The Riders won against Calgary, Durant looked amazing completed an amazing 18 of 25 passing which is 72 percent. He showed alot of composture in the pocket and made good decisions. He had three touchdown passes and most importantly no interceptions. Now here comes the hard thing we have to play Montreal I believe we can do it. In the second game against Montreal we should of beat them. But this is for the Grey Cup. Dream Big Saskatchewan Dream Big. Next Sunday could be our second grey cup in 3 years. I am on my way back to Yorkton my uncle Ken is taking me :) Go Riders another Article tommorow!


It's game day today! Do or die time! Only one may move on from the west. Today the Saskatchewan Roughriders will be taking on the Calgary Stampeders. In a one game show down to go the Grey Cup. Either way you look it one of the teams will be in the Grey Cup for the second time in three years. The Stampeders of course won it last year and the Riders the year before that. Which QB will show up for the Stamps, Hank or his twin brother Frank? The Stampeders got into the western final by defeating the Eskimos in Calgary last week. This game for the Riders is huge, it is the first time they hosted a West final in 33 years. In 1976 they made the grey cup but lost it. And we will not tell you how because all Rider fans know and hate how it happened. Pre game on Tsn is slated for 3 bells Saskatchewan Time. GO to tsn's site watch the sweet feature they did on Getzlaf amazing job. Even Rod Pedersen makes an apperance on it. You could hear Lynch as well.

My plans for the game Is probably going to my Friend Ron Rimer's and watching it with him and my dad having pizza. MMMMMMMMmmmmmm Pizza!!! I garauntee you if the Riders win I will not be sleeping tonight. I will be to pumped. I was dumb enough to bet with my best friend Ken Britton. I bet if the Riders win he has to hang the Rider flag on his flag pole at his house, as well as feed me supper some night. No suprize it had to with food. If the Riders lose its more drastic for me. I have to take the damn stampeder flag with me in my car. That will burn and burn bad. As well as sing we are the champions on the radio and talk nice about the stampeders. Let's hope that does not happen or it will be a long week!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

B.C. Lions quarterback Casey Printers named CFL offensive player of the weekThe

Canadian Press

Tue Nov 17 2009

Section: Sports In General

TORONTO _ B.C. Lions quarterback Casey Printers was named CFL offensive player of the week Tuesday while teammate Ricky Foley was named defensive player of the week and top Canadian.

Printers threw for 360 yards and a touchdown in the Lions' 34-27 overtime victory over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the East Division semifinal last weekend. He also connected with Ian Smart on an eight-yard touchdown pass in overtime.

Tiger-Cats quarterback Kevin Glenn was also considered.

Foley, a unanimous pick as top Canadian, had six tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble. Hamilton linebacker Otis Floyd was runner-up for the defensive award.

Edmonton Eskimos kick returner/wide receiver Skyler Green was named special teams player of the week.

He had a 93-yard return for a touchdown in a 24-21 loss to the Calgary Stampeders in the West Division semifinal. Green, a unanimous pick for the honour, finished with 176 return yards.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

John Lynch weighs in

We talked live earlier today and got some of your questions and answered them on the show. We will continue to take your cfl questions at

Monday, November 16, 2009

Great News on the CFL Front!!

Ratings are high, and it looks like a new team is going to be back in a familar ground. Ottawa looks like they may be making an appearance back in the league after a few years of not being in the league. Tonight council voted 15-9 in favor of fixing up Lansdown Park in Ottawa so that is a great sign. Looks like the CFL will back. I hope it works out this time.

my thoughts on what transpired

First of Big kudos to Hamilton for the come back against B.C. I was hoping you would of pulled it off the upset that was. I was cheering for Yorkton ,Sask native Jordan Matechuk. I went to school with him, as well cheering former Rider Yannick Carter. THough sadly it was not meant to be. COngrats B.C. GOod luck against Montreal. I think B.C. will get spanked there and my buddy Anwar Stewart will hit Casey Printers around a few times. And my good friend Damon Duval will kick like 6 field goals. I am a little bias when I have friends playing lol.

Something I never realized was that Casey Printers was an answered prayer. Wally Buono or how ever you spell his last name. He was praying for what to do at quarterback and the Big Guy told him to get Casey Printers. Apperently earlier in the year Wally Said no to Casey Printers, and he disrupted the locker room bla bla. But he changed his tune when God told him else wise. Way to listen to God Wally. GOod to see some men of faith listening to what the Big Guy says. I know I have trouble listening to him. Sadly Wally, I believe you will need alot more help then the big guy against Montreal because you had a few procedures against Hamilton imagine the noise in Olympic Stadium. But if you prove me wrong Kudos to you and I guess I am wrong. Would not be the first time, nor will it be the Last.

Calgary vs Edmonton

This one transpired the way I thought it would, but I still had some faith for Scott Gordon, and Mo LLoyd who play with Edmonchuck. Ricky Ray almost hit Fred Stamps on a few big plays that I am sure would of made a huge difference in the outcome. It looks like Rob Lazeo centre for the Stamps may be hurt and not play against the Riders next SUnday in the West Final. That is the rumour. I think, but am not 100 percent sure it could be a smoke screen. I know teams like to play that once in a while.Regardless of who is qb. You still have to do your best and beat their guys on the field. I think the Riders will. And go to the grey cup. I am a bit bias,dillusional what ever you want to call it. Thats a bit about what I thought about the games. I will try to upload an interview with John Lynch later tonight. I work at the station so that may not happen. Till next time. Nagy out!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Interview with Sheldon Napastuk

Had the honor to interview my friend from when i volunteered with the Riders. Sheldon and I talk playoffs, we also talk about some memories we share. He also tells how he got to be with the RIders. Also, he tells us what he is doing now. If you wanna chack up on him you can at or at he is on tuesday afternoons. Enjoy it!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

roddies call

I took this off roddie pedersen site. i thought you would all enjoy this as much as i do. I get chills every time i hear this. tell me that this video doesnt get ready for the next game . thanks to the sites i got the pictures. enjoy the video peeps. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

free stats
free stats

Welccome to the Tempory Home

This is going to be a tempary home for for there are interviews on this site,. you just have to search for them. you will enjoy them for sure. I will do an interview later with John Lynch to discuss the amazing rider win. We will also try to get an interview with my good friend from the Montreal Allouettes Anwar Stewart. I may also try to put in an interview with some one who knows nothing about CFL but still is a good interview Terry Kneiss, he is the man who had a perfect bid on the price is right and made history there. I had met up with him when i was in Vegas. So its going to be fun :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

So we will use this till we fix the hosting

First playoff game in 33 years wow! I was impressed on how they handled Calgary, we all know when henry is on he is on. And he was not on, take that as a blessing. I mean though cootos or how ever you spell it to the riders. I will type more about this later and probably try to have another interview with Lynch. I hope you are well thanks for continue to check out the site.
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