Sunday, November 22, 2009


It's game day today! Do or die time! Only one may move on from the west. Today the Saskatchewan Roughriders will be taking on the Calgary Stampeders. In a one game show down to go the Grey Cup. Either way you look it one of the teams will be in the Grey Cup for the second time in three years. The Stampeders of course won it last year and the Riders the year before that. Which QB will show up for the Stamps, Hank or his twin brother Frank? The Stampeders got into the western final by defeating the Eskimos in Calgary last week. This game for the Riders is huge, it is the first time they hosted a West final in 33 years. In 1976 they made the grey cup but lost it. And we will not tell you how because all Rider fans know and hate how it happened. Pre game on Tsn is slated for 3 bells Saskatchewan Time. GO to tsn's site watch the sweet feature they did on Getzlaf amazing job. Even Rod Pedersen makes an apperance on it. You could hear Lynch as well.

My plans for the game Is probably going to my Friend Ron Rimer's and watching it with him and my dad having pizza. MMMMMMMMmmmmmm Pizza!!! I garauntee you if the Riders win I will not be sleeping tonight. I will be to pumped. I was dumb enough to bet with my best friend Ken Britton. I bet if the Riders win he has to hang the Rider flag on his flag pole at his house, as well as feed me supper some night. No suprize it had to with food. If the Riders lose its more drastic for me. I have to take the damn stampeder flag with me in my car. That will burn and burn bad. As well as sing we are the champions on the radio and talk nice about the stampeders. Let's hope that does not happen or it will be a long week!!

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  1. it's gameday... time to get er done


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