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We will be moving

We are going to over the next few days be moving this site. The new address will be On the new site we are going to have forums, as well as a feature by Calvin Daniels, as well as streaming audio in the new football season is a goal. Sign up as a member and enjoy all the perks. for all the goods! We hope to have all features up by kick off of the regular season. There will also be info on our bus trips coming up as well in short order!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Touchdowns from the chesterfield – Vol IIBy Calvin Daniels

Touchdowns from the chesterfield – Vol IIBy Calvin Daniels

If we were Americans we would be falling all over ourselves with the emergence of a new sports celebrity.Alas, in Canada we are too reserved for that. So when Jesse Lumsden recently teamed with pilot Pierre Lueders to become national two-man bobsleigh champions, it was accomplished with sadly little fanfare.The championship run at Whistler Sliding Centre may be the first step in what could be a truly amazing two-sport career for Lumsden who of course also plays football in the Canadian Football League.Jesse, the son of former CFL stand-out Neil Lumsden, is a rumbling power back who looked outstanding at times with the Hamilton Tiger Cats, although his career to-date has been punctured with injuries, limiting the impact he might have had in the league.Lumsden is now on the Edmonton Eskimo roster, where if healthy, he could blossom into a true superstar. The fans in Edmonton are going to love him, since the Esks are where his father shone for years.And, you just have a feeling Richie Hall, Edmonton's new head coach, will get the most out of the big backfielder. Lumsden could be just the counter balance to the air attack of Ricky Ray, arguably the best quarterback in the CFL, to really turn the Eskimo offence into a fearsome unit.But, back to what Lumsden accomplished on the bobsled track. It was something that has to be deemed amazing already.Lueders with Lumsden on the brake clocked a two-run combined time of one minute, 44.73 seconds to finish in first place, pretty impressive given Lumsden is a newcomer to the sport.With the 2010 Winter Olympic around the corner, and on Canadian soil, the question of whether Lumsden might be there, is a delicious one from the point of view of creating a Canadian hero. Imagine for a moment that Lumsden puts together a healthy CFL season, and is among the running elite, as his skill suggest he could be.Then imagine weeks after the CFL season he steps to the Olympic podium for a medal."When I volunteered to give bobsleigh a try, I never figured I would end up at this point. I think any athlete would take full advantage of the opportunity to possibly represent his or her country at the Olympics,'' Lumsden said in a Canadian Press story.Whether he achieves such success, or not, there is a story to be told as he makes the attempt.Think for a moment how revered tow-sport stars are in the United States. Bo Jackson was a huge media star when he played in both the NFL with Oakland, and initially with the Kansas City Royals in pro baseball.Deion Sanders was considered one of the NFL's best cornerback, and also played some solid major league baseball.In their time Jackson and Sanders were huge stars, in large part because of their two-sport status.In Canada we don't build our heroes the same way.Just look at Gerry James, who earned a spot in the CFL Hall of Fame for his gridiron prowess, and played with the Toronto Maple Leafs at a time when that was tough with inly six teams in the league. It was a career now all but forgotten.Now we have Lumsden who could emerge as a true two-sport star. A Canadian born CFLer, with sky's the limit potential, who just might be an Olympic star in the making too. It's the stuff of legend, something we need more of in Canada.I can see the posters, the advertising, the memorabilia surrounding the year to come for Lumsden. He could become an athlete for Canadian youth to look up to, and to aspire to mimic at a time hen too many sports heroes are shrouded in the doubt of drug scandals, and the malaise which seems to surround pro sports. Any doubt of that, look no further than the healthy baseball players who refused to take part in the recent Would Baseball Classic.A big year, and Lumsden just might prove sports stars are worthy of being our heroes because of what they do.Go Jesse

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Appointment of Curtis Emerson as Director, Events & Production For the CFL

The Canadian Football League (CFL) added some valuable experience to its roster today with the appointment of Curtis Emerson as Director, Events & Production.

"Curtis brings a wealth of experience to the CFL that will benefit us as we continue to grow all of our annual events, especially our premier event, the Grey Cup," said Jamie Nishino, Vice President of Marketing & Broadcasting for the CFL.

Emerson, most recently with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE), brings more than 20 years of experience to the CFL. He has worked for two NBA franchises, the Detroit Pistons and the Toronto Raptors, as well as the NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs. During his tenure with MLSE, Emerson managed the broadcast and production facilities at Air Canada Centre including the recent HD upgrade. He also played an integral role in the design and implementation of the technical facilities at both the Ricoh Coliseum and BMO Field. Also an experienced production professional, Emerson directed and managed stadium shows for sports teams, touring events and concerts.

For the CFL, Emerson will be responsible for the management and execution of all events, including Canada's largest sporting event, the Grey Cup.

"The CFL and the Grey Cup is such a big part of our Country's culture," said Emerson. "I'm honoured and excited to join the CFL team in delivering this world class event to millions of Canadians each year. I am a lifelong CFL fan and I look forward to this new challenge."

Emerson officially begins his new role with the CFL on April 1st.

Spring Expo

We are going to be at spring expo in Yorkton this year. April 17-19th. We will be signing intrested parties in taking a bus to Regina for Saskatchewan Roughrider games. The cost will be 120 a person. With this you get, Game ticket,food, and trasnsportation. We will also are also working on details to bring a few of the Riders on the bus after the game to sign some autographs and meet up with everyone. THere is also a season pass for 1000 bucks. This does not include labour day. Because unfortunately, we do not know if we will be able to get Labour Day tickets. On April 18 at spring expo around noon we will tape a show live on with hall of famer broadcaster and good friend of mine John Lynch. On April 17th btw 1 and 2 we will have fox fm live on location and they will also be live on location between 5 and 6pm. Talking about the site and bus trip. Get your tickets soon before they run out. once we sell out there will not be another bus.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NEW MEMBERS, NEW CHAIR, NEW DIRECTION FOR CANADIAN FOOTBALL HALL OF FAMEBoard votes in favour of Hall of Fame Weekend 2009 in Winnipeg

Hamilton, ON - (March 10, 2009) - The Canadian Football Hall of Fame has a new chair, some new board members and a new idea.

The new chair is McMaster University professor Steve Howse.

Along with Howse, the new members are Murray Souter, former chief executive of Black's camera, and former Hamilton Tiger-Cat quarterback Dave Marler, a local investment counsellor.

And the new idea is moving this year's Hall of Fame weekend -- set for this Sept. 24-26 -- to the city of Winnipeg.

All of these changes became official at a meeting of the Hall's Board of Directors last evening.

"Like the Grey Cup trophy itself, the Hall resides here in Hamilton, but it truly belongs to all Canadians," Howse said.

"So it makes sense to share our annual induction weekend, and the festivities that go with it, with some other Canadian Football League cities. This will help raise the Hall's national profile, and generate some new revenue, both of which will help us reach our eventual goal: a new or at least improved Canadian Football Hall of Fame, right here in Hamilton."

The first order of business last night, however, was a tribute issued to three outgoing members of the Hall of Fame board: former chair Bill Tidball, Mario Vespa and Gabe Macaluso.

"In total, these three gentlemen have dedicated more than 40 years of service to the Hall, out of their love for Canadian football, and their dedication to the city of Hamilton," Howse said. "Our city, and all Canadians who love the game of football, along with the men honoured here as inductees, owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude."

All three men were appointees of the Canadian Football League. Other board members are appointed by the City of Hamilton.

"As we approach the playing of the one hundredth Grey Cup game in 2012, the history and tradition of our great game, and its greatest players, coaches and builders, has never been more important," said CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon.

"The time and effort contributed by these men, and all members of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame's board, should be appreciated by everyone associated with our league, from our players to our fans to team executives."

The Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum is a non-profit registered charity that has been located in Hamilton since 1962. The current hall of fame was established beside the city's municipal building in 1968. The current facility was opened in 1972.

"The fact that the area surrounding Hamilton City Hall is now under renovation, making the movement of vehicles and parking difficult, was another factor in the decision to take the induction weekend on the road this year," said Mark DeNobile, the Hall's executive director.

"Organizers in Winnipeg, along with the Blue Bombers football club, are very excited by this news and are looking forward to a tremendous event."

The induction class of 2009, as well as details on the Canadian Football Hall of Fame Induction Weekend and Game in Winnipeg, will be announced soon.

Touchdowns from the chesterfield

By Calvin Daniels
Sometimes you just have to smile when you realize for the most part the powers that be in the Canadian Football League are working toward making the game even more exciting.
The League has announced its Board of Governors are considering a number of rules changes, changes already approved by the league's rules committee.
The most interesting, a potentially exciting of the moves would give the coaches the green light to use so called "wildcat" formations that would move the quarterback around, instead of requiring him to stand behind or under centre.
In a league already as wide open as the CFL is offensively, the idea of diversifying formations for the quarterback is tantalizing as a way to create new opportunities for the offence.
While generally the new formations might amount to a few specialty plays in a game, it will create some unusual sets which defences will need to adjust too. The more a defence has to change its normal coverages, the more likely a receiver or running back will be sprung for a gain.
The change will be an excellent addition to the CFL, in particular for the more non-traditional head coaches and offensive coordinators, those willing to switch things up, and go a little wild.
The new formations will also tend to favour mobile quarterbacks, those who are already adept at being creative,
It would have been great for a QB such as Doug Flutie, who would have no doubt been even more elusive and successful with a few more play sets in his repertoire.
Of the current set of pivots in the league, someone such as Kerry Joseph could benefit, although we saw last season how ineffective he was in Toronto where the idea of razzle-dazzle on offence was to go to the shotgun formation.
Given a bit more flare on offence, Joseph could be a huge fan of the so-called 'wildcat' formations in a hurry.
Two other rule changes up for consideration focus on the kicking game, although neither eliminates the silly one-point awarded on a missed field goal, which remains perhaps the dumbest scoring rule in all of sports.
What the changes could do is see a bit more focus on actually football plays rather than kicks.
The first idea is to move back the kick-off following a safety touch, to reduce the number of times a team chooses to take a knee in its own end zone.
OK that one is pretty straight forward, and makes sense without changing much in terms of the game. It basically means we might see a few more run-outs on kicks to the end zone, although maybe not as many as those calling for the change think. It's still a risk that you could end pinned inside the 10 if you chance to run it out, and a kick even from the 25-yard line is still going to be considered a better option in most cases by most coaches.
Another change would require a team that kicks a successful field goal to then kick off to its' opponents, increasing the number of kick returns,
Here is another solid decision, since returns are potentially one of the most exciting plays in the game, so anything which adds a few more to a game, is generally positive.
The fourth recommendation would awarding a team a third challenge of an official's ruling using instant replay if its' first two challenges are successful.
While this one seems logical. How many times do we want a ref under the hood reviewing tape? The league should have more confidence in its official than to want to add more reviews to the system.
It is positive that all four proposed rule changes were suggested by CFL fans as for the first time the League called for suggestions from the people that matter most. Fans responded with some 2,000 suggestions suggesting CFL lovers want to be involved in their game.
"We tend to look at our game like a precious stone that has been in the family for generations: we're willing to put a new shine on it, but we strive to be very careful not to damage it," said Tom Higgins, the CFL's director of officiating and a member of the rules committee in a release. "We feel the rule changes we've discussed today can improve an already great product, and now the final say rests with our board."
Higgins is right, the moves are generally good, made more interesting in that they came from the fans. Just let's hope the Governors are wise enough to implement the changes for the upcoming season

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Riders Add three to the defense

Saskatchewan Roughrider head coach Ken Miller announced today they have signed three players to the defence – import defensive back Chris McKenzie, import linebacker Jerrell Freeman and non-import defensive back Brady Browne. Financial terms of the contracts were not released.McKenzie (5’9” – 190 lbs) was a two year starter at Arizona State where he accumulated 61 tackles, 11 pass break-ups and three interceptions. At the conclusion of his senior year, McKenzie attended the NFL Combine where he recorded 4.32 in the 40-yard dash – a time which tied the sixth fastest time in combine history. Prior to heading to ASU, the New York City native spent two seasons at Glendale Junior College where he received many accolades including being named first-team All-American and Region-1 Player of the Year. In 2005, McKenzie signed as a free agent with the NFL’s Houston Texans and went on to spend three seasons with the team. In his rookie year he dressed in three games tallying four tackles and one quarterback sack. In 2008, the defensive back played with the AFL’s Arizona Rattlers.Freeman (6’0” – 220lbs) played four seasons at Mary Hardin-Baylor where he finished as the school’s career leader in tackles and was named the American Southwest Conference Player of the Year four times. In his senior year he had 59 tackles, 18 tackles for a loss and six quarterback sacks. In 2008, the linebacker signed as a free agent with the NFL’s Tennessee Titans – making him the first player from Mary Hardin-Baylor to get a shot in the NFL. The Waco, TX native was released by the team later that season.Browne (5’10 – 200 lbs) – played four years at the University of Manitoba. In his senior year the defensive back recorded 24 tackles and two interceptions for the Vanier Cup Champions. He was also named a Canada West All-Star and a CIS second-team All-Canadian that same season. The Burnaby, B.C. native was selected in the 5th round (38th overall) by the B.C. Lions in the 2008 CFL Canadian Draft and spent the 2008 season on the Leos practice roster.

First Post Game Analyst announced

Calvin Daniels will be one of the analysts that will Join us at Pimentos in Yorkton when we disect every Cfl game here on Riders Radio. Of course there are nights where the Riders will be playing in Regina, I will not be able to make it, I will be at the game.

Calvin Daniels is a newspaper Journalist, the last 20 years with Yorkton This Week, where he is now Assistant Editor. He has freelanced to magazines and newspapers in eight countries. His career started with a sports column for his hometown newspaper, and has since included have three books published, two non-fiction, and one fiction, all three on hockey. He is an avid CFL fan, and of the game the way it is played in Canada at all levels.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Roy Roth From Regina

Huge Rider Fan Roy Roth from Regina joins us on the show. This update brought to you by Terry's Pawn and Bargin in Yorkton, as well As Viome Construction in Yorkton and Henry Ninowsky Sales in Yorkton. This guy was a great interview and an all in all awesome dude. Would like to have him on again. Thanks Roy, and keep checking back to for more Stuff in the near future.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Record Setting Weekend at CFL Evaluation Camp

Record Setting Weekend at CFL Evaluation Camp

Toronto, ON - (March 8, 2009) - The 2009 CFL Evaluation Camp in Toronto this weekend was highlighted with new records set by Jamall Lee in the vertical jump and 40-yard sprint and Jim Allin in the short shuttle.
Lee's first record came on Saturday when he leaped 44 inches, surpassing Samuel Giguere's mark of 42 inches from last year, giving him the highest jump on record.
The running back from Bishop's University continued his stellar performance today by running a 4.39 40-yard sprint. The previous fastest time on record was 4.41 seconds set in 2004 by Jean-Fredrick Tremblay, a wide receiver from Laval.
Lee entered the weekend as the second highest ranked prospect by the CFL's Scouting Bureau and was excited to hear that he set two new benchmarks.
"It's been a lot of hard work and a lot of sacrifice and it just feels great to do well in front of such a big crowd at such an important time," said Lee.
While confident, the son of former CFL running back Orville Lee knows that he has to continue working hard towards the 2009 Canadian Draft and hopefully into a CFL training camp in June.
"This weekend definitely gives me a lot of confidence but it also makes me want to work harder to maintain that level, and even surpass it one day."
Allin, a defensive back from Queen's University, posted a top score of his own when he was clocked at 3.97 seconds in the short shuttle, surpassing the previous record set by Mathieu Proulx (4.07 seconds) in 2005.
In total, fifty top Canadian football prospects participated this weekend in a series of strength and agility tests in front of general managers, head coaches and scouts from all CFL teams.
In addition to the testing, players were also interviewed by teams, an exercise that provides clubs with valuable information as they prepare for the 2009 Canadian Draft on Saturday, May 2.
"Each team has the ability to select 20 of the 50 players here to interview them personally," said Bob O'Billovich, General Manager of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, who currently hold the first and third draft selections overall. "This allows us to get a pretty good feel about the players who are here. It's important because it gives us a good heads up that helps get the process started for the Draft."
Also with two of the top four picks in this year's draft are the Toronto Argonauts. Click here for the full 2009 CFL Canadian Draft Order.
Complete results from the 2009 Evaluation Camp are available at

Top Five Prospects according to CFL Bureau

Simeon Rottier Alberta

Jamall Lee Bishop's

Matt Morencie Windsor

Étienne Légaré Laval

Osie Ukwuoma Queen's

Top Prospects Performing

Toronto, ON - (March 7, 2009) - The first day of the 2009 Canadian Football League Evaluation Camp finished earlier this afternoon in Toronto. Fifty of Canada's top football prospects were run through a series of strength and flexibility tests in front of general managers, head coaches and scouts from all CFL teams.
Those tests included bench press reps, broad jump, vertical jump and flexibility. Prospects were also measured for height, weight, hand and arm.
Results are available at
All teams were well represented at day one of the Evaluation Camp as they continue their preparation for the 2009 CFL Canadian Draft on Saturday, May 2.
Top Performances from Day #1
Most Bench Press Repetitions
23 - Dee Sterling, DL, Queen's - Peter Quinney, RB, Laurier - Etienne Legare, DL, Laval - Chad Cossette, DL, Windsor - Darcy Brown, WR, Saint Mary's
Longest Broad Jump
10' 4.25" - Milos Zivkovic, WR, Simon Fraser
Highest Vertical Jump
44" - Jamall Lee, RB, Bishop's

Friday, March 6, 2009

2009 CFL Evaluation Camp

2009 CFL Evaluation Camp -
Fifty of Canada's top football prospects begin showcasing their skills in front of CFL general managers, head coaches and scouts from across the Country tomorrow, Saturday, March 7 at the InterContinental Yorkville Hotel in Toronto. The two-day event moves to Varsity Centre on Sunday, March 8 for on-field testing.
Below is the full schedule for the event.
Media are invited to cover both days of the event. Communications Staff will be onsite to assist with interview requests.
Click here to download the 2009 CFL Evaluation Camp Guide.
Visit for the latest results results.
8:00AM - OL at Testing Centre - Medicals/Video Shot in Barclay Room. Hand & Arm Measurement/Standing Reach/Flexibility/Bench Press in Willard Room
8:30AM - DL at Testing Centre - Medicals/Video Shot in Barclay Room. Hand & Arm Measurement/Standing Reach/Flexibility/Bench Press in Willard Room
9:00AM - RBs/QBs at Testing Centre - Medicals/Video Shot in Barclay Room. Hand & Arm Measurement/Standing/Reach/Flexibility/Bench Press in Willard Room
9:30AM - LBs at Testing Centre - Medicals/Video Shot in Barclay Room. Hand & Arm Measurement/Standing Reach/ Flexibility/Bench Press in Willard Room
10:00AM - WRs at Testing Centre - Medicals/Video Shot in Barclay Room. Hand & Arm Measurement/Standing Reach/Flexibility/Bench Press in Willard Room
10:30AM - DBs at Testing Centre - Medicals/Video Shot in Barclay Room. Hand & Arm Measurement/Standing Reach/Flexibility/Bench Press in Willard Room
2:15PM - OL & DL warm-up - Barclay Room
2:30PM - OL & DL Physical Testing #2 Height/Weight Measurements/Vertical/Standing Jump - Willard Room
3:15PM - RB/QB & LB warm-up - Barclay Room
3:30PM - RB/QB & LB Physical Testing #2 Height/Weight Measurements/Vertical/Standing Jump - Willard Room
4:15PM - WR & DB warm-up - Barclay Room
4:30PM - WR & DB Physical Testing #2 Height/Weight Measurements/Vertical/Standing Jump - Willard Room
SUNDAY, MARCH 8 - Varsity Centre (299 Bloor St. West, Toronto)
8:20AM - OL & DL to Stretch/Warm at Varsity Stadium Bubble
8:40AM - OL & DL to test 40s & Short Shuttle
9:30AM - OL & DL to test Individual & Group Drills
10:00AM - Long Snappers to test
10:10AM - RBs & LBs to Stretch/Warm at Varsity Stadium Bubble
10:30AM - RBs & LBs to test 40s & Short Shuttle
11:30AM - RBs & LBs to test Individual & Group Drills
12:00PM - WRs & DBs to Stretch/Warm at Varsity Stadium Bubble
12:35PM - WRs & DBs to test 40s & Short Shuttle
1:25PM - WRs & DBs to test Individual & Group Drills
3:15PM - Players depart Toronto

Thursday, March 5, 2009

CFL eyeing changes

Hamilton, Ontario (March 5, 2009) -- The Canadian Football League is eyeing a few new moves.
Its Board of Governors is considering: • Moving back the kick-off following a safety touch, to reduce the number of times a team chooses to take a knee in its own end zone;• Giving coaches the green light to use so called "wildcat" formations that would move the quarterback around, instread of requiring him to stand behind or under centre;• Gequiring a team that kicks a successful field goal to then kick off to its' opponents, increasing the number of kick returns ;• Awarding a team a third challenge of an official's ruling using instant replay if its' first two challenges are successfull.
All four ideas were approved today by the league's rules committee, and were among those suggested by CFL fans.
"We tend to look at our game like a precious stone that has been in the family for generations: we're willing to put a new shine on it, but we strive to be very careful not to damage it," said Tom Higgins, the CFL's director of officiating and a member of the rules committee. "We feel the rule changes we've discussed today can improve an already great product, and now the final say rests with our board."
This year, for the first time, CFL fans were invited by the league to submit their ideas for rules changes. More than 2,000 submissions were received, most of them detailed and all of them passionate about the game and how it's played.
Several fans wanted some sort of change made to the safety touch, citing coaches' tendency to surrender two points in their own end zone to preserve field position, instead of punting the ball away to their opponents, which could sent up a kick return or offensive drive with a high chance of scoring.
The committee is suggesting moving the kickoff following a safety back, from the 35 yard line to the 25 yard line, which could encourage more coaches to kick the ball away rather than take a knee in the end zone.
Other fans called for the introduction of the so-called "wildcat formation," which would require a change to the current CFL rule that requires the quarterback to always line up under or behind the centre of the offensive line.
The committee wants to allow the quarterback to move to other spots in a formation, including at wide receiver, before the ball is snapped.
Fans generally wanted to see more kick returns, citing a return that goes for a touchdown as one of the most exciting plays in Canadian football. The commitee is suggesting requiring a kick off after every made field goal, instead of giving the receiving the team the option of scrimmaging from their 35-yard-line. It is also proposing awarding a team with a third challenge of an official's call using replay if its' first two challenges are successful. ''Other topics brought forward by our fans, or by committee members, ranged from the rouge to the convert to allowing more types of plays to be challenged on the basis of instant replay," Higgins said.
"But at the end of the day, there wasn't a clear consensus, among our fans or committee members, on exactly what should be done to improve those rules, so they've been tabled for future discussion."
The Board of Governors has the power to accept, reject or even alter the rules committee's suggestions. It will meet later this Spring, in plenty of time to institute rule changes in time for the Canada Day kickoff of the Canadian Football League's regular schedule.
"I want to thank the fans that took the time to send us their ideas to improve our game," said CFL Commissionner, Mark Cohon.
"While there wasn't always unanimity on exactly what should be done, there was lots of spirited debate on our fan forums and in the media, and virtually everyone agreed our process was stronger for our fans' input and insight, and it's something we hope to continue," he said.
"Over the years, many significant rules changes have been discussed by the committee or our board more than once before they have moved forward. So it's likely that in addition to the changes brought forward today, others submitted by fans will be considered in the years ahead."

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cfl announces some time changes

Game 25 - Winnipeg at Toronto has changed to Saturday, August 1 at 1:00pm ET from Thursday, July 30 at 6:30pm ET. New game number: 27.

The start time for Game 26 - Montreal at Edmonton on Thursday, July 30 has changed to 9:00pm ET (7:00pm local) from 9:30pm ET (7:30pm local). New game number: 25.

Game 39 - Hamilton at Edmonton has changed to Saturday, August 29 @ 7:00 ET (5:00 local) from Thursday, August 27 @ 9:00 ET (7:00 local). New game number: 40.

Hufnagel Named 2008 CFL Coach of the Year

Hufnagel Named 2008 CFL Coach of the Year
Hamilton, ON - (March 3, 2009) - Calgary Stampeder head coach John Hufnagel was named the 2008 CFL Coach of the Year this afternoon at the CFL Congress in Hamilton, Ontario.

Hufnagel was presented the Annis Stukus trophy by CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon. The trophy is awarded annually to the league's best coach as voted by the Football Reporters of Canada (FRC).

"Our coaches are all tremendous teachers, motivators, mentors and leaders, and no coach epitomizes this more than John Hufnagel," said Cohon. "On behalf of the Board of Governors, and fans from across the country, congratulations to John Hufnagel, a well-deserving recipient of this coaching honour."

In his inaugural season as head coach, Hufnagel led the Calgary Stampeders to first place in the West Division for the first time since 2000, posting a 13-5 regular season record, tops in the CFL. Their success continued into the playoffs as the Stamps defeated the BC Lions in the West Final, before claiming the ultimate prize: a 22-14 victory over the Montreal Alouettes in the Grey Cup.

Hufnagel's leadership was best displayed during a pre-game speech to his team before taking the field, and eventually winning the 96th Grey Cup. Click here to watch the video or visit

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Fans two cents on Rule Changes

TORONTO - The Canadian Football League will consider three rule changes proposed by fans when the league's rules committee holds its annual winter meeting this week.The league received more than 1,000 letters and e-mails when commissioner Mark Cohon issued a call for fan input into the process. The league will consider three fan suggestions for discussion: changes to converts, safeties and the controversial single point.Fans complained convert kicks after touchdowns are automatic and statistics back them up: kickers have a 99.5 per cent success rate."We don't want our fans going to get popcorn or a hot dog because it's just an automatic play," CFL officiating director Tom Higgins said.Higgins said the committee could consider moving the ball back five yards on point after attempts.Higgins said many fans felt there's not enough of a downside to conceding a safety, and that the league might look at having the conceding team kick from its own 20-yard line instead of its 35.As for the single, many fans feel rewarding a point when the receiving team fails to run a kick or missed field goal out of the end zone isn't fair and should be scrapped.Higgins sees the point of all three proposed changes but isn't predicting any bold predictions will be made to the league's board of governors."I don't expect anything big because we're traditionalists," he said. "But anything's possible."

Courtesy of the Toronto Star

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Expo in Yorkton will be at the Spring Expo in Yorkton. We will be meeting people and also signing you up for the bus tour if your intrested. The price is very reasonable for a game ticket, some food going up to Regina and beverage and ride to the game and back it is 110 dollars. You cannot go wrong with that. If you would like to buy the season pass it is only 1000 so you save 100 dollars. If you just want a ride up to regina and back we are charging 60 dollars. If you get the season pass its 540. If you have any questions you can email me (do not forget the underscore in there) Also during every CFL game Pimentos in Yorkton will be showing the game on the big screen and have some great specials and will be there for post game analasis. There will also be Door Prizes, and much more so be sure to check back for more information. Any questions feel free to email me :)



A Celebration of What the Grey Cup Means to Canada, and What the Lions Mean to British Columbia," CFL Commissioner says

Vancouver, B.C. - (February 27, 2009) -- The 2011 Grey Cup is coming to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canadian Football League Commissioner Mark Cohon announced today."We are proud to bring Canada's national championship to the province, but people in Vancouver and right across B.C. know the Grey Cup is much more than our biggest game," Cohon said."It's a massive celebration of what our teams mean to our communities, what our league means to our country, and what it means to all of us to be proudly Canadian," he said."So Vancouver is the perfect venue for our 99th Grey Cup. There is no better example of the strength and relevance of today's CFL than the B.C. Lions, and no one better at hosting Canadians than our friends here in beautiful British Columbia."Under the leadership of owner David Braley, the Lions have undergone a renaissance that has made them a model CFL franchise: a successful team, a vibrant business, and a leader in the community.A perennial contender, the Lions exceeded the 300,000 mark for total attendance last year for the first time since 1991.The Lions champion several important community initiatives, including support for amateur football through the Orange Helmet Awards, for child literacy through the Read, Write and Roar program, and for local fundraising through Lions Share. Their Lions in the House program features player visits to schools that emphasize the importance of fitness, education, and respect for classmates. "The Lions are British Columbia's team, and any success we have enjoyed really belongs to the people of British Columbia," Braley said."They're the reason I'm confident the 2011 Grey Cup will be a huge success. I know people here will welcome their fellow Canadians with warmth, generosity and a great deal of fun." The biggest challenge facing Vancouver just might be exceeding the bar they set the last time they hosted the Grey Cup in 2005. That game: • Sold out eight weeks before game day;• Boasted a live attendance of 59,197;• Was watched by a television audience of almost 3.9 million; • Was the highlight of the Party on the Pacific Festival, which attracted 47,000 visitors, more than 20,000 of which came from outside of Vancouver• The Grey Cup game and festival generated an estimated $76 million in total economic activity;• Featured the Edmonton Eskimos 38-35 overtime victory over the Montreal Alouettes, one of the greatest games in Grey Cup history."Hosting the Grey Cup is another opportunity to showcase our province and communities, to generate new economic activity, and to create local jobs," said British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell."This announcement is an example of British Columbia's ability to attract major events beyond the Olympics," said Bill Bennett, Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts and Minister responsible for PavCo."In 2011, British Columbia will be ready to welcome CFL fans from across the Province and from across Canada." Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson said the Grey Cup is a national icon that delivers tangible benefits for a host city."We're honoured to welcome the Grey Cup back to Vancouver," said Mayor Robertson."The Game is a huge boost to our local economy, and I know Vancouverites, along with our friends and neighbours from across British Columbia, will ensure the 2011 game and the entire festival are a tremendous success."
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